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The Universal Handling Equipment provides the most reliable roll off trailer in the industry. Its high strength engineered materials, hydraulic controls and Universal's rigorous quality testing eliminates potential down time for the trailer. Its product features include:
  • Five available models to choose from: pup trailers, single & tandem dolly trailers, live pup trailers, live dolly roll off trailers, and semi trailers
  • Trailer configurations available for single and two box containers
  • Fabricated main frame rails
  • Roll off rails to suit any type of roll off container
  • Double race turn table for full dolly trailers
  • ABS secondary filter adds 100,000 miles to ABS warranty
  • Pup Trailers
  • Single & Tandem Dolly Trailers
  • Live Pup Trailers
  • Live Dolly Roll Off Trailers
  • Semi Trailers
Body Specifications (varies by model)
Trailer Main Rails Fabricated I Beam with 100 Q steel 
Hydraulics (varies by model)
Running Gear (varies by model)
Electrical (varies by model)