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Universal Handling Equipment Cardboard Slot Front Load Containers provide a recycling container with a small footprint. Lids can be lockable to safeguard product
  • Available in 2yd to 10yd sizes
  • Reinforced corner design with integral bumber
  • V bends in floors and walls for extra reinforcement
  • Heavy duty fork pockets with step proof top gusset and fork entrance guides
  • Two ply plastic lids or steel lids
  • Drain plugs
  • Applications include apartment buildings, retail outlets, restaurants, commercial buildings, manufacturing complexes, schools, recycling facilities
  • Plastic or metal Lids
  • Plastic or metal side doors
  • Casters
Bin Construction
Walls - 13ga material   
Floors - 11ga material   
Pockets - 7ga material   
Plastic lids - two ply   
Steel lids - 16ga reinforced with surrounding formed channel   
Drain plug - 3/4" diameter