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Universal Handling provides three Commercial Compactors for handling large dry waste. To determine which is required we look at your required hopper capacity, charge opening, ram face and ram penetration
  • Extra large clear top opening
  • Efficient compaction and removal of large items
  • Multi function control panel
  • remote power unit and panel available
  • Available with various chute applications
  • Easy to operate automatic cycle
  • Custom chute extensions
  • Thru the wall chutes
  • Cabinet style hopper
  • Single lever sidelocks
  • Safety interlocks
  • Tank heater
  • 3/4 full light
Model #UP 2AUP 7Az
Manufacturer Rating2 cu yd3 cu yd 
NSWMA Rating1.92 cu yd2.7 cu yd 
Clear Top Opening48.75"69.5" 
Chamber Length50"69.5" 
Force Rating Normal27.7/49,50027.7/49,500 
Force Rating Maximum31.7/56,50031.6/56,500 
Systems Pressure Normal1,750 PSI1,750 PSI 
Systems Pressure Maximum2,000 PSI2,000 PSI 
Ram Stroke70"84" 
Ram Face Height30"30" 
Ram Face Width59.5"59.5" 
Ram Penetration23"14.5" 
Discharge Opening Height43.25"37.5" 
Discharge Opening Width61"61.25" 
Base Unit Weight5,200 lbs6,500 lbs