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Universal Handling Packer Roll Off Combination container is the ideal solution for processing waste that prevents contact with the waste once it has passed through the ram cycle. Ideal for multiple applications like hospitals, food processing plants, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls.
  • Leak resistant tailgate
  • Lightweight/high strength design for increased legal payloads
  • Packer mounted or remote power units
  • Portable easily relocated
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Fully adaptable to most applications
  • Multi function control panel
  • No limit switches
  • Special widemouth configuration
  • Cabinet or Through wall hoppers
  • Two way pick-up
  • Tank heater
  • Safety interlocks
  • 3/4 full light
  • Free standing or packer mounted dump units
Model #214XPL214XS 
MFR Rating2 cu yd1.6 cu yd 
NSWMA Rating1.5 cu yd1.3 cu yd 
Charging Opening60"W x 40 1/2"L60"W x 40"L 
Charge Box Depth34"34" 
Ram Face59 5/8"W x 30"H59 3/4"W x 27"H 
Ram Penetration5"7"